The Galactic Ray Healing Method channels the Galactic Energies and Rays of the Ensof from the Central Sun. Ensof is the highest form of Divinity that exists. It is uncreated and unmanifested. These rays literally are the first ‘created” in the Galactic world we exist as a part of. These rays are useful in every kind of manifestation, initiation, empowerment, and healing. To be in touch with these Galactic Rays is to be in touch with your own Christ Consciousness, based on the awareness of the qualities of compassion and empathy – or forgiveness. The healing method is a resetting and the anchoring of these rays and has the energy of purity and clarity. This is a beautiful method that anchors 12 Rays of Ensof for you to take into the world and into your future creations. This work blends with other work and each session is a blend of whatever is needed to clear before anchoring. Sessions last 1.0 – 1.5 hours.

Cost: $100