In Sacred Geometry 1, sacred forms and their use in our daily lives are taught. These sacred symbols are emblazoned into the student’s aura, allowing them to flow and work with these energies in their lives. Learn to activate a room, a house, create a Temple and more. We will train you in the sacred arts of geometry and sacred space that you can immediately offer to your friends, family, and clients. These teachings come from an ancient lineage and have been handed down for thousands of years. This is a seminar on true magick for those who want the real thing: the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces is many! Join us for this class that will give you practical tools you can use immediately to enhance your health, home, and life or if you want to learn more tools to enhance your business!
Cost: $85

Reservation / Registration required for ALL classes. / (321)-543-8882

Next Class: Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 10:00am-1:00pm